Our  Planning office provides broad strategic goals to guide multi-modal  Transportation, Environmental friendly and economic growth by ensure  compliance with the current policies and laws through study, plan review  and permitting process  



  • Feasibility Studies        
  • Travel Demand Forecasting  
  • Origin- Destination Survey
  • Travel time Studies         
  • Land Use and Zoning Studies    
  • Accident, Capacity and Delay Studies
  • Transportation Alternative Analyses
  • Traffic Simulation Modeling
  • GIS Transportation Panning 
  • Parking study 
  • Transit planing and operation study

Transporation Study


  • Feasibility Studies.        
  • Travel Demand Forecasting.
  • Origin- Destination Survey.
  • Travel time Studies.         
  • Land Use and Zoning Studies.    
  • Accident, Capacity and Delay Studies.
  • Transportation Alternative Analyses.
  • Traffic Simulation Modeling.
  • GIS Transportation Panning​.


  • ​Systems​.
  • Parking study. 
  • Transit planing and operation study.
  • Congestion Management
  • Context Sensitive Solutions and Transportation Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Freight Planning
  • Livability Initiative
  • Statewide Planning.
  • National Highway System.
  • Performance Based Planning. 


  • Statewide Planning.
  • Metropolitan Planning
  • Rural Planning
  • Land Use & Transportation
  • Public Involvement
  • Travel Model Improvement Program 

Environmental Study


Trip Generation


Trip generation analysis focuses on residences, and residential trip generation is thought of as a function of the social and economic attributes of households. At the level of the traffic analysis zone, residential land uses "produce" or generate trips. Traffic analysis zones are also destinations of trips, trip attractors. 

program Management



Having the right hands on the job makes a difference. We coordinate and lead planning studies.